Honours and Masters Flyer 2015

Research interests:

Prof MB Renfree and a furry pouch young.
Prof MB Renfree and a furry pouch young.

Reproduction and development in health and disease, sex determination, sexual differentiation, epigenetics, molecular and hormonal regulation of gonad and phallus development, embryonic diapause, comparative genomics and transcriptomics, innate immunity in developing young, limb development.

More details on the research interests of the group are at http://renfreeshawlab.biosciences.uom.org.au/current-research-projects/.

We have a very productive research group with over 80 papers published since 2010 and expect that our MSc and Hons students will be able to publish their research work.

Many of our MSc and Hons graduates have gone on to further study including PhD research, medicine, veterinary science. Others have gone on to a wide variety of life-science related employment.

Potential MSc projects:

  • Regulatory mechanisms of testicular and ovarian development and the role of long non-coding RNAs
  • Marsupials a models for disorders of sexual development including sex reversal and hypospadias
  • Early embryonic development
  • Genomic imprinting

Handouts for Prospective MSc and Honours Students

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