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  1. Gene Paint image library

    GenePaint is a digital atlas of gene expression patterns in various tissues and species with strong focus on mouse embryos. The in situ section mages are in amazingly high resolution so you can clearly see which cells express the gene of interest.

  2. Journal cover page for Reproduction Down Under volume added to the collection

    I’ve added a scan of the cover page for our Reproduction Down Under conference volume in Reproduction, Fertility and Development (Vol 31 part 1, 2019). The cover images and graphic design all from our lab.

  3. Recognition of Geoff’s photography – AAPS

    I received an envelope today clearly marked “do not bend” and looking like a herd of mastodons had walked over it. Inside was my certificate for my AAPS (Associate of the Australian Photographic Society), “recognising my photographic skill and artistry.” It’s only taken 12 months since I accumulated the necessary complement of international photographic competition […]

  4. Gold Medal for Geoff’s Photo

    Geoff's Leaf cutter ant photo gets Gold Medal

  5. Just out: Molecular conservation of marsupial and eutherian placentation and lactation

    Eutherian mammals (e.g. human, mouse) are often referred to as “placental” mammals, yet marsupials (e.g. kangaroo, koala) also have a fully functioning placenta, made out of the yolk sac.

  6. New Wallavan

    gs-2016-11-08-g5d35215At last we have our new wallavan. Overlanda have done a fine job. We were impressed by the wallaby stencil on the sides.

  7. On the principle of “Maximum Author Load” …

    I came across a publication today with almost 2500 authors. It must have been a nightmare to coordinate all their comments on the draft manuscript!

  8. Reproduction Down Under 2017

  9. New dataset published online

    Cynthia's hard work has resulted in her proteome data being published online via the ProteomeXchange database PRIDE.

  10. Welcome to new Wallaby Group Members

    Welcome to Teruhito Ishihara (Hons research) and Caitlin Cusack (3rd year research project)

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