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  1. The unique penile morphology of the short-beaked echidna

    We clarify some details of the unusual structure of the penis of this iconic monotreme.

  2. Recovering numeric data from an image of a graph

    Sometimes all you have is an image file (perhaps from a scanned publication) and you would like to convert the data points to xy coordinates (maybe you want to try an analysis on someone else's data). R gives some tools to help. Here is the start of some code:

  3. Mapping with R

    Easy map making in R

  4. Theresa Woodruff: On writing well

    Teresa K Woodruff has suggestions that will help improve your writing.

  5. Organising data in Excel for analysis

    From time to time I get asked to help with a statistical analysis. When I ask for the data I often get a spreadsheet like this. OK, I can read this and sometimes make sense of it, but there are a number of important issues including: With a little bit of learning, this can all […]

  6. The Koala genome provides insights into adaptation and conservation

    Recently published in the prestigious journal Nature Genetics is another marsupial genome, this time it is the iconic koala, a superb effort by a diverse team of specialists including Marilyn. The paper was highlighted by a cover picture on the printed journal and a commentary by Darren J Burgess in the journal: Nat Rev Genet. […]

  7. — Animal and Plant Silhouettes for your diagrams provides ready made silhouettes of animals and plants for your graphic art needs

  8. Monochrome conversion of colour immunofluorescence or in situ images

    It is easy to convert colour immuno or in situ figures to monochrome whilst emphasizing the positive staining colour and repressing the background stain.

  9. How to get more pixels when you export Powerpoint slides to graphic files

    Getting around Microsoft's limitations to export high quality graphics from Powerpoint is not too hard once you know how.

  10. Some Recent Publications

    Here is an update on publications – these are 2015, 2016, 2017 and in press. Buentjen, I., Drews, B., Frankenberg, S. R., Hildebrandt, T. B., Renfree, M. B. and Menzies, B. R. (2015) Characterisation of major histocompatibility complex class I genes at the fetal-maternal interface of marsupials. Immunogenetics 67: 385-93 PMID:25957041 Cornelis, G., Vernochet, C., Carradec, […]

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