Category: statistics

  1. Recovering numeric data from an image of a graph

    Sometimes all you have is an image file (perhaps from a scanned publication) and you would like to convert the data points to xy coordinates (maybe you want to try an analysis on someone else's data). R gives some tools to help. Here is the start of some code:

  2. Mapping with R

    Easy map making in R

  3. Organising data in Excel for analysis, part 2

    Save processing time and manipulate y our data with ease using the Power Query Editor in Excel

  4. Organising data in Excel for analysis

    From time to time I get asked to help with a statistical analysis. When I ask for the data I often get a spreadsheet like this. OK, I can read this and sometimes make sense of it, but there are a number of important issues including: With a little bit of learning, this can all […]