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  1. Mapping with R

    Easy map making in R

  2. Organising data in Excel for analysis, part 2

    Save processing time and manipulate y our data with ease using the Power Query Editor in Excel

  3. Organising data in Excel for analysis

    From time to time I get asked to help with a statistical analysis. When I ask for the data I often get a spreadsheet like this. OK, I can read this and sometimes make sense of it, but there are a number of important issues including: With a little bit of learning, this can all […]

  4. How to get more pixels when you export Powerpoint slides to graphic files

    Getting around Microsoft's limitations to export high quality graphics from Powerpoint is not too hard once you know how.

  5. Prettier graphs using Excel

    Excel excels at ugly graphs, However it can produce nice graphs if you know how. It takes a little thought, and a little effort to transform the default graphs, setting sizes, spacing, colours, fonts, formats, but once you are familiar, it takes little time, and once you have a nice format you can even re-use the graph format in different projects - all you need to do is point it to different data sets.

  6. Colourblindness and graphics

    About one in ten males (including myself) have some degree of red-green colour blindness (and 0.5% of females), so you should bear that in mind when you are making graphics to display to others. Here are some suggestions for making colour-blindness friendly graphics.

  7. Loading sets of images into powerpoint slides

    Sometimes one may want to generate a PowerPoint slide with a set of images - for example a set of micrograph images to discuss with your colleagues (or a lovely set of your holiday photos to make your friends jealous). You can do this by manually adding each image, one by one, then resizing, repositioning, formatting .... , but there is a much quicker way. Here is a guide to automating the process.

  8. Teeny fonts in Word’s revisions balloons?

    balloontext01Every now and again I find documents where the revisions balloons are unreadable because the font is wrong. This can be fixed.

  9. Why I use Sans-serif fonts like Arial in my PPT files.

    A lot of people use fonts like times new roman in their presentations. Times and similar fonts are great for blocks of text on a book page, but there are issues in presentations where you have small amounts of text and want maximum legibility...

  10. Make a customised default Powerpoint template

    The default powerpoint template almost certainly is not what you want to use. But it is easy to make a new default template to suit your needs. Here is how...

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